Vision Path

tick.png HD OK

Following an upgrade in October 2013, YSTV went fully HD and updated it's video routing system both in studio and for OBs. The current system is as follows.



There are a number of sources that feed video into the video path:


Which of the 2 YSTV ATEMs is used on any given production depends on which of the OB Units is used on that production. (see information about the ATEMS both on the ATEM page and the OB units pages).

The videohub also is only in one unit but can be re-racked if necessary.

Stream path

The streaming system from the OB unit output is bounced through several places before it makes it's way to the website. This will be the same for a studio show since the practice is now to use OB units in place of a permanently racked studio system. The system runs as follows.

  • OB Unit - Whichever is being used.
  • rtmp:// - The stream is sent to the STRM7 VM server
  • transcode0 - Our transcode machines which produce the variable formats that the stream can be viewed in.
  • rtmp:// - The addresses for the various produced video qualities of the stream
  • - the repository address for the final stream where it's hosted on our site.