How To Access Email Without Webmail

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* Tap the "Manual Setup" button.
* Choose IMAP from the protocol menu.
* Enter the necessary details (See [[#Settings for Receiving|Settings for Receiving]] above) and tap Next.* Enter the necessary details (See [[#Settings for Sending|Settings for Sending]] above) and tap Next.
* Enter your name and tap "Finish Setup".
* To synchronise any other mail folders, tap the menu, choose Settings, then "Sync, Send & Receive", and then "Folders to sync".
=== Android 2.x ===
* Open mail application
* press Press your phone's menu key* click Click "Add account"* fill Fill in your address & password -e.g. , ILovec4hic7kenpoop* scroll Scroll down, click "manual setup"* choose Choose "Imap"* againAgain, User name & password e.g. john.johnson & ILovec4hic7kenpoop* Enter the server should be ""* Port should be 993* Security type should be "SSL accept all certificates"* Leave the "IMAP path prefix" blankand security settings from [[#Settings for Receiving|Settings for Receiving]]* Cclick Click Next
Outgoing server settings...
* SMTP See [[#Settings for Sending|Settings for Sending]] for server : See above* port 465* security type : SSL Accept all certificatessettings
* Require sign in should be checked
* In user name and password, put your UNIVERSITY username & password, e.g. jj264 & erlh3sf~#
* Set email check frequency to whatever pleases you
* Give the account a name...
* Click "Next".
* Make sure "IMAP" is selected at the top.
* Enter details for the incoming server - "Host Name" ( and your username (e.g. john.doe) based on [[#Settings for Receiving|Settings for Receiving]] under "Incoming Mail Server" - your password should already be entered.* Scroll down and enter details for the outgoing server - "Host Name" (see above) and your '''university''' username and password based on [[#Settings for Settings|Settings for Settings]] under "Outgoing Mail Server".
* Click "Next" - the details will be verified.
* If successful, uncheck "Notes" (iCloud does this for you), and click "Save".
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