How To Access Email Without Webmail

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Retired off-campus SMTP
=== Settings for Sending ===
For sendingUnfortunately the University has retired off-campus SMTP, so if you are exclusively working on-campus (setting up your mail on a machine in YSTV for example), we you can use the university's internal mail server:
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| Outgoing Server ||
Off-campus there are some options, you can use your University Google account, however bear in mind all your mail will appear to some people to come from your University account not your YSTV one:
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| Outgoing Server ||
| Port || 465
| Security || SSL, Authentication
| Username || Your University Username, with (e.g.
| Password || Your University Password
Alternately, at present (as of Summer 2013), [[hist:Sam Nicholson | Sam Nicholson]] runs a mail relay on his VPS and will set you up an account if you ask nicely.
=== Android 4.x ===
Outgoing server settings...
* SMTP server : ""See above
* port 465
* security type : SSL Accept all certificates
* Make sure "IMAP" is selected at the top.
* Enter details for the incoming server - "Host Name" ( and your username (e.g. john.doe) under "Incoming Mail Server" - your password should already be entered.
* Scroll down and enter details for the outgoing server - "Host Name" ( above) and your '''university''' username and password under "Outgoing Mail Server".
* Click "Next" - the details will be verified.
* If successful, uncheck "Notes" (iCloud does this for you), and click "Save".
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