How To Access Email Without Webmail

There are several methods of accessing your email without using YSTV Webmail.


Click add an account and enter your your ystv email address when prompted for a password press enter with an empty password which will bring up a menu letting us change the username. Update the username so it no longer has the and continue and it should work.

Secure IMAP

This is the easiest and most useful for day-to-day use. Using this method you can manage your emails from any email-enabled smartphone, or from desktop clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

Settings for Receiving

Method IMAP
Incoming Server
Port 993
Security SSL
Username Your YSTV Username (e.g. firstname.lastname)
Password Your YSTV Password

Settings for Sending

If you ever want to send email without using webmail, there is a gateway called stargate which (among other things) acts as an email gateway, however you'll need a separate account. Speak to the computing team to request one.

Outgoing Server
Port 465
Security SSL, Authentication
Username Your Stargate Username
Password Your Stargate Password

The University has retired off-campus SMTP, but if you are exclusively working on-campus (setting up your mail on a machine in YSTV for example), you can use the internal mail server:

Outgoing Server
Port 587
Security SSL, Authentication
Username Your YSTV Username (e.g. firstname.lastname)
Password Your YSTV Password


  • Open your Mail application, open the menu and choose Add New Account.
  • Choose "IMAP".
  • If you have it, tap the "Manual Setup" button.
  • Enter the necessary details (See Settings for Receiving above) and tap Next.
  • Enter the necessary details (See Settings for Sending above) and tap Next.
  • Enter your name and tap "Finish Setup".
  • To synchronise any other mail folders, tap the menu, choose Settings, then "Sync, Send & Receive", and then "Folders to sync".


  • Open Settings and select "Mail".
  • Choose "Accounts", then "Add Account".
  • Scroll down and select "Other", then "Add Mail Account".
  • Fill in your name, address and password.
  • Click "Next".
  • Make sure "IMAP" is selected at the top.
  • Enter details for the incoming server based on Settings for Receiving under "Incoming Mail Server" - your password should already be entered.
  • Scroll down and enter details for the outgoing server based on Settings for Settings under "Outgoing Mail Server".
  • Click "Next" - the details will be verified.
  • If successful, uncheck "Notes" (iCloud does this for you), and click "Save".

Forward to Gmail / Another Email Address

  • Open
  • Open Settings (top right)
  • Go to "Filters"
  • Add a filter
  • Configure any custom options you want to choose what email is forwarded
  • Under "Actions" choose "Forward To" and enter the email address you want your mail to go to.
  • Click "Done"

With Alpine/SSH

This can be useful if you do not have access to the internet, or are diagnosing problems with the email setup. Note, this will only work on campus, or when connected to the VPN.

  • Connect to
    • For Windows, open PuTTY, enter the hostname and hit enter. Enter your YSTV username and password.
    • For Mac/Linux, open a terminal, type "ssh", and enter your password.
  • Type "alpine" and hit enter.
  • Navigate using the arrow keys, and the keyboard shortcuts displayed at the bottom of the window.