Sound board

A sound board (or mixing desk) is the piece of equipment used to 'mix' together all the different audio signals required for a broadcast. The audio equivalent of a vision mixer

Studio Boards

OB Boards

We normally bring either of the X32s to any particular OB. Sometimes we will borrow a mix signal from URY or the front of house desk over AES50 to our board. Since getting our X32 Compact this will normally be the board that we bring to normal OBS since it leaves the Compact permanently in the control room which means less rebuild after an OB.

Misc other Boards

We still have 1 smaller analogue board that does come out of the proverbial cupboard, and has the dust blown off of it, every now and then for very small things. The only real issue with this board is that the PSU never seems to be around when it's needed.