List of all the generic lanterns (or lights for those less used to tech terms) that are avaliable in YSTV.

For any DMX fixtures, see DMX.

Shoot Lanterns

These are smaller and lighter than the Studio lanterns, and are designed to be taken on location to shoots. They have small, light, hand winch stands.

Photon Beam A108

This is the orange one that looks like a work light. Currently fitted with a 800w lamp, so is very bright and gets VERY hot. May be responsible for a small burn mark on the Control Room carpet

Filmgear Tungsten 300

The more 'professional looking' on-set Fresnel, fitted with a 300w tungsten lamp.

Studio Lanterns

These are lanterns designed for use in a studio or studio-like OB. They're normally equipped with hook clamps, or are bolted onto the OB lighting stands. Not all of these will be in use on the Rig at any one time. All of these can be used with a dimmer, and have 15A round-pin connectors unless otherwise stated.

Furse Fresnel: (2 of)

  • Old Fresnel.
  • No barndoors

Selecon Asymetric floods: (2 of)

  • Not old! - still incredibly popular as of 01/10
  • Asymetric! not even spread of light. spread gets better, the further they are from the wall. Remember, big side at bottom.
  • Use to light back walls evenly, rather than a large "splodge" of light at the top, and not much at the bottom.
  • The above makes them very useful when doing Chroma keying work.
  • Lamp access by flipping the catch on top - whole fornt of fixture is hinged to allow lamp change without re-focusing.
  • Colourframe located by flipping open the cover at the top. Not the catch! Slide out colourframe from top.
  • No Barndoors (selecon do still sell them though)
  • TUNGSTEN 500w

Selecon Symetric Floods: (1 of)

  • As Asymetric, but even.
  • No colourframes.
  • No Barndoors (selecon do still sell them though)
  • TUNGSTEN 500w

Generic bar of 4 floods: (2 of)

  • Normal floodlights
  • 4 functioning lamps per bar.
  • DIY colourframes from gridding - bend to suit...
  • 300w / compartment; 1200W total
  • Very good for OB's
  • 16A Ceeform connector

Generic floods: (3 of)

  • normal floodlights
  • DIY colourframes from gridding - bend to suit...
  • 300w

Strand patt 123 Fresnels: (1 of)

  • The funny egg shaped ones.
  • No colourframes.
  • T17 / T1 lamp.
  • TUNGSTEN 1000w

Strand patt 743 Fresnels: (2 of)

  • Adjustment control at rear, and behind barndoors.
  • Rotating barndoors.
  • Colourframes in cupboard.
  • T19 / T11 lamp.
  • TUNGSTEN 1000w

Polaris Quartzcolor Pole-Op Fresnels: (2 of)

  • With rotating barndoors
  • Adjust Pan, Tilt & Beam Via knobs.
  • Colourframes - the octagonal ones.
  • Rotating barndoors.
  • HALOGEN 1000w
  • These are more "orange" than tungsten, so bear that in mind when colour balancing...

Par 64 Floor cans: (6 of)

  • Black
  • All with Gel frames
  • MF lamps
  • 500w Tungsten
  • Please only use HT gels, as they make an awful stink!