G/046 Lighting Rig

cancel.png Information on this page may be out of date or apply to old equipment. Use with caution.

The lighting rig was declared unsafe in December 2013 and has been condemned (see File:YSTV Rig inspection report.pdf). It was removed in July 2014. The power sockets on the ceiling are still safe to use, but all lights must either be on the floor or on one of the lighting stands.


The rig eats a lot of juice: It is fed from two 32amp Ceeform plugs on the wall (same wall as fire escape). According to the Mains Circuits page, both are on the Yellow Phase.


See Dimmers


Strand 200 plus see Lighting Desk


  • On the ceiling is a home-made steel pipe frame, with some IWB's here and there (IWB's not connected).
  • More pipe clamps, lamp clamps in box under lighting desk.


Usually found on top shelf in techie room

  • 15a -> IEC
  • Various lengths of 15a
  • UK 13a ->15a adaptors (2 of)
    • Very useful on OB's


  • IEC Panels feed the plugs on the ceiling.
  • IEC leads from dimmers. MAX 5a (1Kw).




  • Blues
    • Lee 132 (medium blue)
    • Lee 118 (Light Blue)
      • Nice for set boards/uplighting...
    • Lee HT* 079 (just Blue)
    • Rosco 65 (pale blue)
    • Lee 117 (steel blue)
    • Lee 172 (Lagoon blue)
    • Unknown dark blue, marked as "199" (probably Lee regal blue)
  • Reds
    • Lee 106 (primary red)
  • Purples
    • Lee 049 (purple)
    • Unkown purple (possibly congo blue lee 181, looks like UV - but isn't really)
  • Greens (inc turquoises)
    • Unkown green (various & dark)
    • HT* 122 (Fern Green)
    • HT* 115 (Peacock Blue, yes it isn't really blue)
      • This works really well for backlighting set-boards.
  • Pinks
    • Rosy Pink (not much)
    • Lee 148 (Bright Rose)
    • Lee 345 (Fuschia Pink)
      • This is stronger than you'd think
  • Yellows
    • yellow straw(not much)

Diffusions & scrims

  • Scrim - looks like tracing paper, but made of plastic and not nearly as flamable. Like gels, will melt if touching the glass of a flood. Use this to soften light - you can also put over only some of the fixture (called half scrim) to soften light e.g near to the source only. Very useful, but underused.

Colour Temperature Filters

  • 1/2 CTB. Lee 202 or eqiv. Looks grey. decreases output of lower CT's (orangeyness reduction). Makes thing noticeably dimmer. ** tungsten (3200K) to daylight (4300K)
  • 1/4 CTB less strong CTB.



  • 120ohm terminator in back of last unit in DMX chain
    • currently Eurolite DPX-405

spare lamps

Spare lamps are hidden at the back right of the cupboard.

  • K1 Lin 500w (x4)
  • T18 (x2)
  • T17 (x1)

LD toys

Swatch books

These are on the lighting desk table.

  • Lee designer colour order - 02/2010 version
  • Gam designer colour order - 02/2010 version
  • Rosco supergel - 02/2010 version
  • Rosco Lux - 02/2010 version

other stuff

  • chinagraph pencils for writing silly (and possibly useful) messages on gels.

Old/unused Equipment

This is equipment that is still owned by YSTV and is stored within the studio, but is not currently in use due to newer equipment/incompatibility with current equipment in use.

Zero88 Sirius 24