These are the big boxes that make the lights bright... or less bright... or off.

Strand 6pack

  • DMX512 control via 5pin XLR. Pass Through
  • 6 10A channels, each with dual 15A sockets
  • 32A Power Cable

Eurolite DPX-405

  • DMX512 control Via 3pin XLR. Pass Through.
  • 4 5amp channels each.
  • IEC sockets out.
  • No Preheat.
  • 13a Plug.

Double clunky 13a

  • 2 13a channels each (MAX 2.5Kw each)
  • 13a in and out for each channel
  • Sliders / pots for control
  • Max & min adjust (you'll need a flat screwdriver)
  • Very useful on OB's. Don't hesitate to bring it!

Pulsar status

bomb.png WEEE!
This piece of equipment has been disposed of.

  • 8-pin Din analogue signal in, 0-10v
  • With pre-heat (good for not shocking cold bulbs if they suddenly get turned on, this increases lamp life.
  • 6 5amp channels each.
  • IEC plugs on flying leads out.
  • If they're buzzing, they're happy!
    • faults
      • Top dimmer channel 3, Likes to turn itself on to around 30% after a while. i.e. It's level can be raised, but not lowered beyond 30%. The time taken for this fault to appear can be minutes, or hours. It does not seem to be linked to heat - on 18/02/2010 the behaviour was observed when warm, and cold (given a break for 1/2 hour before retrying). This dimmer channel corresponds on the desk to what was "old channel I" - i.e. pre 18/02/2010 it would have been bottom dimmer channel 3..
      • Bottom dimmer channel 3, The transistor/triac looks fried and has continuity between the emitter and collector, also two medium-power 270 Ohm resistors have physically split. This dimmer channel corresponds on the desk to what was "old channel C" - i.e. pre 18/02/2010 it would have been top dimmer channel 3..
      • One dimmer is without a power cable - this was due to power cable being needed for the Strand 6pack