Battery Converters

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These are the converters used to convert the HDMI output of any of our cameras Canon C100, Sony and Panasonicto the more useful SDI output from their native HDMI output.


As these are battery converters, they have an On-Off switch to prevent running out of charge when not in use. Make sure it is switched on when in use and switched off when not.

The battery indicator is a small LED that flashes according to the remaining charge. The key for the flashes is printed on the top of the case. Experience suggests they have about 3 hours charge.


These offer no way to select the resolution, so it must be set at the source. If the source uses HDMI handshaking to determine resolution, the converter will offer the device the highest resolution it is capable of (1080p50/60) instead of the target resolution of the equipment at the other end of the broadcast chain (usually 1080i50).


Firmware is updated using (the otherwise useless) Blackmagic Converter Utility software. They are currently held at 1.9, due to the HDMI handshaking in later versions not working correctly with our cameras and convincing them to output in an SD format. This has been fixed as of v3.0.2.


While we still do use these converters from time to time or at times when all the converters we have are in use, such as Roses they are mainly backups now having been superseded by the smaller Blackmagic Micro converters.