The dolly

If you want that extra bit of "ooh" in your show, then this might well be what you need.

Where is it?

The Dolly it's self is against the side wall of the studio room, near the fire exit (air hole). You're looking for a pair of long plastic rails crossed by wood (with 2 pipe connectors) and a large wooden plate with precision wheels (roller skate wheels). The plate goes on the track and you're sorted. The pipe connectors normally need a bit of tape on each side of the joint to smooth out the connections. Use a bit of gaff.

Contrazoom (or the pushpull)

This is the amazing shot that keeps your subject the same size in the frame, and their background moves into, or out of them.

Warning This is both addictive, and will take a lot of practice - and time.

  • Place your rails going straight towards your subject, and stick the cart on.
  • Add camera and tripod. (use a C100)
  • Roll right upto the target & zoom out.
  • Adjust height of tripod until the part of your subject you want is exactly in the centre of the frame.
  • Roll back, zoom in, and do the same. remember, keep the camera head dead level!
  • If you want the background moving in behind them:
    • Start at the front, zoomed out, and roll back, zooming in as you go.
  • If you want the background moving out:
    • start at the back, rolling in, zooming out.

Note It is recommended that a follow focus is used for the shot as this makes the focus pull a lot easier. If one is not available, then use autofocus and leave room for a few takes.