Strand 200+

The current desk in use in the studio is the Strand 200+. If you are looking for information on the old desk, see Zero88 sirius 24
The Strand 200+ DMX lighting control desk


  • 1 DMX Universe output
  • 48 Channels
  • 24 Faders
  • 2 Independent Channels

Turning on

The desk switch is on the back of the board, on the right hand side near the power input. The monitor switch is on the bottom right hand side of the monitor

Normal Use

Firstly, make sure the Grand Master is at 100%. Then check the A/B masters are at 100% (B is reversed). Then make sure the "Two-scene" button is lit up. Now the faders each correspond to a dimmer channel.


For any further information, there should be a manual kept ether under or near the desk. Otherwise it is available here: [1].