Zero88 sirius 24

This is the old, analogue desk no longer in use in the studio. For the current desk, see Lighting Desk.
bomb.png WEEE!
This piece of equipment has been disposed of.

File:Sirius 24.jpg
Two Sirius 24 desks sitting side by side

An old analogue lighting desk. Features include:

  • Analog (0-10v)
  • 24 channel
  • 2 preset
  • 99 memories
  • 99 chases
    • each of 99 steps
  • Output via DB25
  • Two of them
    • The chaser section on the keyed desk one doesn't respond.

The On button!

Only turn the desk on or off when all the dimmers are off - the desk flashes everything to 100%, and if the bulbs are cold, you'll shorten their lives... The button is on the back of the desk, on the right.

Help! it's broke!

  • No it isn't.
  • Desk plugged in?
  • On switch?
  • DBO switch?
  • Masters?
  • Control cables in right dimmer sockets?
  • Dimmers on?
  • Dimmer electronics & preheat on?
  • Dimmer outputs plugged into right patchbay place?
  • Lights in correct ceiling sockets?
  • ceiling sockets turned on?
    • Diagram on wall - check that?
  • swap out Light for another one?
    • Still doesn't work >> dimmer needs a new fuse. Please add to techie to do list on the website.
    • Does work >> light needs a new bulb. add this to the techie to do section on the website.
  • Get help.

Master section

  • Grand Master
    • overall control of desk, when this is down, nothing comes on.
  • DBO
    • It's a flicky switch for cutting everything off
    • Don't play with it - if it breaks in OFF, then you've had it!
  • Each row of faders has a master (with matching colour!)
  • Flash master
    • when in RUN mode and "flash" is set to flash the buttons under each row of faders cause those respective items to go to 100%
    • The flash master controls the maximum value of the flash..
  • Chaser master
    • controls the level of the chase

Basic States

  • Push everything Down
  • Desk in Run Mode
  • Grand master up
  • Preset master up (you choose which)
  • Twiddle corresponding coloured rows faders, things happen.

To set a different preset (one per row), leave everything as it is

  • Push the other preset master up, and the old one down
  • Twiddle other row of faders.

Programming memories

The Zero88 desk allows you to pre-configure your lighting using memories. Heres how to program a memory:

  • Using the Dial or keyswitch, put the desk into Program mode. (shown with red L.E.D on sides of dial / keyswitch).
  • Set all the sliders to 0. Zero.
  • Pull up the grand master(the very bottom, right slider).
  • Pull up the "B" Master (The "presets" fader with the same colour as those of the 2nd top line of faders - red or blue.)
  • Make sure you are using the 2nd row of presets for the above instruction. NOT doing this will mean all your states to be programmed won't be programmed!
  • Set the required lighting state - fiddle with 2nd row of sliders until all looks good. etc.etc.
  • On the lower part of the Desk, to the right of those six faders, there are program memory buttons. use them to select the memory you want to program - (1 to 99).
  • are you sure you like that lighting state? OK, hit (gently!) the "program memory" button.
  • Job done.

Transferring a memory to a "manual master"

  • In program mode.
  • choose the appropriate memory using memory up & down buttons.
  • slide fully up, the "manual master" you want to transfer to...
  • press that slider's "transfer".
  • the memory you transferred's number will appear for that "manual master"'s fader.
  • Job done. Test it by leaving all sliders down apart from grand master & that "manual master" - if lights are on, good! if not, try again!