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Welcome to the YSTV Documentation Wiki.

This is intended to document as much of the Station as possible - how it works and how to run it. We also have HistoryWiki, for articles on people, shows and other events. Most of this wiki will be technical, however that does not mean that non-technical stuff should not be documented!

This is very much a Work in Progress so please contribute where you can - don't worry about getting it perfect, a more experienced wiki editor will probably come along and clean up or format the article for you. Just concentrate on documenting your useful knowledge of YSTV for future members.

Getting Started

Some Places to Start

If a page does not exist, then create it =)

To Do

Current Namespaces

  • You can currently create pages in these namespaces:
  • Computing:
  • Technical:
  • Cameras:
  • Editing:
  • OB:

Useful reference

  • See the Manual of Style for information on style conventions.
  • Help with wiki markup and editing procedure can be found in Wikipedia's Help.
  • If you want to link to something on HistoryWiki, prefix your internal link with hist: like this: [[hist:YSTV Timeline|]] = YSTV Timeline. You can do the same with Wikipedia, using w:.
  • If you'd like any extra namespaces created, just yell: computing@ystv.
  • Add icons to pages and templates using {{fff}}.
  • Wikipedia's Help:Cheatsheet is a quick way to start making links, formatting and adding images and tables.
  • You can use any images on Wikimedia Commons just as if they were on this wiki.
  • Please add every page you create or edit to at least one category or subcategory. These pages have no category.
  • Link to other pages as much as possible, so further information can be found - these pages currently have no inbound links at all.