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Fun information about fonts, colours, title sequences, credits, copyright thingys are other amazing crap will go here. Promise.


Almost all style to be inherited from Wikipedia's Manual of Style and other guidelines.


  • Arrows should be the HTML entities and (represented by &larr; and &rarr;) rather than <- and ->.
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  • Error messages should be #FF1111, bold type, with a background colour of #FAEDE4 and a two pixel solid border of #FF1111:
Login failed


Many fonts are available in the Show Resources drive, for use with different shows and brands - particularly YUSU events and brands.

  • YSTV’s font is Century Gothic.
Other useful common fonts
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Tahoma
  • Verdana
  • Gill Sans (London Underground and BBC font)
  • Script MT (handwritten)
  • Impact (memes)
  • Helvetica (hipster) - may not display on your computer
  • Myriad Pro – professional - may not display on your computer


When editing video, making After Effects graphics or preparing posters, always use vector images (.ai, .eps or .pdf typically) if possible - especially for logos. They are always high quality and scale infinitely - no pixelation, compression artifacts or loss of detail.

  • YSTV Logos are stored in the Show Resources drive, in several variants including black and white on transparent backgrounds, and logos for our shows. For quick access and information about them, see the History Wiki article.
  • Non-YSTV Logos are in the Image Library, also in Show Resources. These include Facebook, Twitter, the University of York, the BBC, Children in Need and others.


  • The University of York: dark blue (#002663), dark green (#18453B)[1]
  • York Sport: black, white, grey (#dddddd), gold (#fcb33b)

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