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This template allows you to quickly call up a FamFamFam icon of your choosing.


{{fff|icon name}} or {{icon|icon name}}

See below for a list of valid icon names. If no name is specified then by default a cancel.png will appear.

Warning: there is no way to check if an icon exists or not, if you try to call a nonexistant icon you will get a (fairly useless) URL appear instead.

Valid icon names

See the image below for a full list of icons. Some common examples are:

  • accept.png accept
  • add.png add
  • asterisk_yellow.png asterisk_yellow
  • attach.png attach
  • bomb.png bomb
  • bullet_go.png bullet_go
  • cake.png cake
  • calendar.png calendar
  • cancel.png cancel
  • cd.png cd
  • cog.png cog
  • coins.png coins
  • comment.png comment
  • compress.png compress
  • computer.png computer
  • controller.png controller
  • cross.png cross
  • cup.png cup
  • cut.png cut
  • date.png date
  • delete.png delete
  • disk.png disk
  • drink.png drink
  • email.png email
  • error.png error
  • feed.png feed
  • female.png female
  • folder.png folder
  • heart.png heart
  • help.png help
  • house.png house
  • key.png key
  • lightbulb.png lightbulb
  • link.png link
  • lock.png lock
  • male.png male
  • money.png money
  • monitor.png monitor
  • new.png new
  • phone.png phone
  • shield.png shield
  • star.png star
  • thumb_down.png thumb_down
  • thumb_up.png thumb_up
  • tick.png tick
  • time.png time
  • tux.png tux


The FamFamFam Silk icon package is available here: [1]. The icons are licensed under Creative Commons BY-2.5 [2].