The YSTV UPS, affectionately named Derrick by Sam Nicholson was acquired from York Telephony on 6th November 2013 after serving 4 years in the Goodricke Dixon GDI/A South data shed.

Model APC Smart-UPS RM 1500VA USB & Serial UPS - 980 Watt - Lead Acid
Max. Wattage 980 W
Voltage Compatibility 220 V / 230 V / 240 V
Max. Voltage-Amps 1500 VA
Number of Outlets 4
MAC 00:C0:B7:d5:E3:8D

User Manuals

Network Card Manual

Initial Setup

The hack used to interface with derrick

To use derrick we first had to gain access to it. The network interface requires a username and password which were set by the previous owner. To reset them we had to interface via serial over a 2.5mm jack (shown right) into the network card. The process is as follows,

  • Press reset
  • Wait for the network lights to flicker
  • Press reset again
  • Press enter in terminal until a login prompt appears
  • Use login apc, apc

Service History

The original batteries finally gave up in September 2015, a fresh set (RBC 24) were ordered and fitted a week later. Tip - you can reuse the battery tray, you only need order the actual lead acid batteries (x4).

Current location

As of 2019 Derrick is still functional and is in the server rack as it's UPS. Maintenance is expected to be required within the next year or a replacement will have to be found. As part of the computing update 2019 / 2020 Derrick may be replaced when the server stack is altered and replaced with VMs. At time of writing, the 2019 /2020 computing update hasn't happened yet and so Derrick's fate is unknown.