Talk:YSTV Policy

OBs on Campus Any person taking Equipment from the station for YSTV business is responsible for returning and connecting the equipment to its original state. This includes re-charging batteries and logging all tape used in 'Tapelog.' Tapelog doesn't exist really' If the equipment is being taken out for more than 6 hours it must be signed out on the equipment signing out sheets. Be considerate of other shows and check what their needs may be. signing out should really happen all the time. This should also be changed to check the online booking sheets nowadays OBs off Campus Before taking any equipment off campus an officer must be notified, and arrangements made to have the equipment insured for use off campus. the tech director, and if they're not available, another officer, not just yourself??

Equipment Borrowing If any equipment is removed by any member of YSTV, it must be signed out on an equipment borrowing form and witnessed by another member of YSTV. When insert the word IT hereis returned, the form must be signed by a member of YSTV to state that the equipment has been returned in the same condition as when it was lent out. The member who has borrowed the equipment is responsible for the equipment and also for returning and connecting it to its original state. Borrowing of Technical Equipment Technical test equipment may not be borrowed from YSTV for non-YSTV purposes without the consent of the Technical Director. The above procedures listed under Equipment Borrowing must also be followed. Borrowing by non-members YUSU societies may borrow equipment providing that full responsibility is taken for its safe and timely return (normally within 24Hrs), and it is signed out by a YSTV officer. what are the conditions for socs and money? clarify, or covered by the next section? Charges Any member making use of YSTV equipment for non-YSTV purposes should be charged according to fees laid down by the station meeting. Usually this is £10 per item per day, although each case may be individually considered by a station meeting if it is deemed necessary. possibly a bit vague?