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This piece of equipment has been disposed of.

The P164 is a video effects unit and framestore.

List of Cards

  • BIM
  • SPF1
  • SPF2
  • CPU
  • OIO
  • SYNC


The P164 can genlock a free running signal onto an external sync.

  • Place the free signal in one of the P164's 4 inputs. If it is valid video, then the corresponding Red L.E.D will light.
  • Connect a lock signal to the P164's Genlock/Sync Inputs.
  • Navigate menus tree, set genlock to ON.
  • Navigate menus tree, select the video source.
  • Job done.


This P164 Has the Built in mixer Card installed. but the control panel doesn't know that, so until the P152 is going, you cant do this.

Aspect mirphing

Aspect ratio change:

  • Choose source
  • EFX1 in menu tree
  • Hsize > change so picture is:
    • 0.75x original for 4:3 into a 16:9 vision path (squish so black down sides)
    • 1.33x original for 16:9 into a 4:3 vision path (stretch, no black), or 0.75x on the Vsize instead. (stretch, bars top & bottom).

Useful places

http://oldvcr.tv/collection/index.html?Mode=View&Brand=CEL%20Electronics&Model=P164&Ref=2 Is the only place on the internet you'll find out about these things anymore.

Current Status

The P164 doesn't seem to be talking with its front panel - The Panel doesn't seem to know the machine isn't listening. I think we can conclude then, that there is little to no handshaking and verification going on The Panel continues as if everything were fully functional, but after boot, the machine just stays on the last test panel. Juding by the speed at which the test frames are being wrote to the frame RAM, the machine is running in "18 mode", despite it being a 38PXB model. In 18 mode, that machine bypasses a particular card, although it isn't known which. For line repetitive test cards, the CPU writes 1 line, which is (in 38 mode) then copied off to all lines in the stores. In 18 mode, this copying doesn't happen (on said board), so the CPU has to write everything again and again to the stores which make everything noticably slower (~1/2 a sec per card, rather than almost instant). Hence why I think it's in 18 mode...