OB:Woodstock 2011

Woodstock 2011 is scheduled to run on 25th June (2011 ofcourse :P). YSTV will be there as usual to cover the full 12 hours. as with last year, please use the discussion pages, and try to keep everything concise here. Mostly, this page is for Gear lists.

Stage Overviews

Main Stage A five camera job. Skycam will handle the longrange shot from V123 (mixing room). Howard will be slung from the LX rig (wherever TSS put it this year. Sometimes this is upstage, sometimes down, sometimes from a flying midway bar....), and then aspect corrected using BOB3. 2 (possibly 3) HD cameras will be at the stage itself. This will mean 3 roamers, with 1 & 2 mainly being tripod based, but free to go walkies.

Indoor stage If we cover this, it gets mixed by Max (see notes), and the MS5's / MS4's, which are connected by a huge long line of Cat5e and the Video Baluns. We generally play less attention to the indoor stage!

Max Yes, I said Max. I have said many times before, that Max is now OK(enough). It needed some tweaks on it's innards, and the DA's it is fed off of MUST be tuned to perfection, otherwise you just get green/magenta soup.

Cable Runs

We must not run around on the roof of Vanburgh. Tempting I know, but don't do it. Instead, we will use the Mic Boom Pole, and our excellent method of taping everything to it, and dragging the cables along the walkway with the boom pole up high, and someone with strong arms... This method is quick, but on the derig, will mean lots of duck poo and cable juggling, like we did after this years BoB. Bring Heavy duty work gloves, or stink badly.

For each stage, a backup run of cat5e is used - if a core goes on something, we'd rather like to be able to survive. this means, we need three hideously long cat5e reels, we already have 2, so will need to crimp up another one. Anyone want to go looking in the Spare Cat5e boxes?