OB:Woodstock 2010

Woodstock 2010 will be in Vanbrugh as usual. Currently the suggestion is to to focus all our efforts on the main stage, with maybe a wide shot or something on the indoor stage. Hey people, please use the discussion page for discussing things, asking questions, presenting ideas, and those odd WTF moments. Only permenent stuff here

Main Stage

  • We have up to ~3.5A at the main stage
  • 2 HD's
    • as roaming
  • 1 HD as dollycam
    • only if space between crowd barrier & tent is adequate.
    • haggle if necessary, but woodstock will be packed, and they shall be of higher importance to us - our job is to make the pictures a success, given available space.
  • 1 Howard.
    • suspended from rig
    • bring cable ties, lots of cable ties
  • Miranda (sky)
    • as wide
    • In V139, pointing out of the window.
    • Cable run could be out of the V120 window, over the balcony, in V139 window - avoids going out of the door, needing haz tape etc.)
  • canon on balcony
  • may need to bring OB lighting rig for presenters.
  • power from event
    • bring the 16a > 13a's distro board
  • projector - Chislett's if we have time. Woodstock cant afford one.

Indoor Stage

  • A wide shot
  • MS5's bnc'ed to passive cat5 run to control room.
  • Take event sound via URY (mono, balanced, hopefully remixed)
  • Feed sent to main for possible use if wanted to fill space.
  • Tom Trolley mixed


  • Woodstock have 'pretty much booked out all of Vanburgh's upstairs' for us & URY (from friday onwards)
    • V120 (overlooking the walkway with roof)
    • V139 for main stage wide shot
    • V122 useful for roof access for URY audio, & editing, & video leads
    • V113 Vanbrugh broadcast monitors cables
    • V119 URY (verification needed)
    • SCR URY


  • Mono balanced from indoor stage (pre-presenters)
  • Stereo balanced (pre-presenters) from main stage
  • give video feed & TV to the SCR

Commercial stuff

  • Head of gestapo has done T'shirts etc...


  • Back archive of stuff to play if there's a pause - e.g. "now lets watch 2007"
  • On a per song basis, with some full sets - no-one can tell for definate how long a changeover will be!
    • VT's to be put into a 16:9 project, with black bars down sides use A.A's script for that


  • Both stages
    • Use new strm0
    • Use an Edit PC

Presenting and stuff

  • head of organisation - Vivien Chung
    • some notes about bands
  • Gaps:
    • Main stage - 5-20 mins
    • Indoor stage - sporadic delays
  • Base at balcony
  • link between sets & Vt's of sets
  • possibly band interviews if can catch any
    • recorded to tape, on a canon dv, then VERY fast edit to VT.


  • give to presenters for balcony, not their cam ops
    • see discussion page
  • stage cam ops will primarily be listen only (reserve talking sets for presenters, directors, other important people)
  • Clever signalling solution needed. Waving/funny faces out of the V120 window for presenters/camera ops on the balcony.

Fast edits

  • Use spare Edit PC
  • Also for interviews that may/may not happen.

O.B. Party box

  • for morale really
  • be nice, this is a light-hearted attempt at cooling down tired techies.
  • there is no telling how it might work, it could be ok, it could be abosolutely useless.

YUSU Plasma's

  • Cullen to talk to yusu IT GUYS. be very very persuassive. :)
  • NO PROJECTOR. booooo.

The amazing incredibly long list of stuff to take (that might end up oneday in the correct order)

On the day, there'll be a list on the whiteboards, cross stuff out, only after it has definitely reached it's destination

This bit is just equipment only, notes go in the notes bit up the top.


  • Main:
    • HD 1 (front of stage, dolly cam)
    • HD 2 (front of stage)
    • HD 3 (side of stage)
    • Howard
    • Miranda
  • Indoor:
    • Sony/Panasonic handheld x2
    • Two MS4s or MS5s
  • Balcolny:
    • Canon DV (the one without firewire capability)
  • Roaming: (tape)
    • Canon DV (WITH firewire)


  • Manfrotto black (the big one)
  • black, Jessops Currently unuseable.
  • Jessops silver tripod
  • Satchler (Miranda (Sony) tripod)
  • 2 x Manfrotto silver
  • and any others we have


  • DaVE
  • Tom Trolley


  • P169
  • P169 Serial lead
  • P169 Laptop
  • Touchscreen

Playback devices

  • VTPC


  • Chislett's box
    • Running screen monkey (awesome VT,PPt, GFX system)
    • via acer scaler


  • Acer
  • Corio

Preview Monitors these are the monitors as they are named in YSTV, not as they will be

  • 6 from the premiere valley of the edit PC's.
  • Dave Prog
  • Dave Prev
  • GFX Out
  • VTPC out
  • Vidserv in
    • Not Net Out. It's dying.
  • 5 NewNEC's
  • 1 TV
  • 1 yuraku

Mike says: "Mike, why are there so many monitors?" - If one dies no-one wants to walk all the way back!

DA's (vid)

  • 2 Crates of 1u


  • Behringer silver (OB mixer)
  • Every XLR known to man
  • All the adapters.
  • All the mics minus the samsons(studio ones)
  • One set of active speakers (for hearing VT's)
  • Compressors


  • The comms pile

Capture devices

  • VTA
  • VTB
  • some S tapes

Streamage devices Responsibility of computing team

  • New stream0
  • Edit PC


  • thou shalt bring every cable known to mankind:
  • BNC's Box
  • BNC's flightcae
  • Odd audio Box
  • Umbilical Box
  • long BNC's Box
  • BNC's on reels
  • XLR's on reels (connect to URY)
  • the =/= duff stuff box (actually contains IEC leads)
  • Ties.

Other bits

  • O.B.Party Box
    • Will contain:
      • Minifridge
      • Blender ( mike want smoothies !)
      • Minifridge.
    • Gaff & LX
      • ALL of it
  • Bean Bags. Because we can.

Other more serious bits

  • Techie "fixbox"
    • Soldering iron
    • Solder!
    • Crimp kit
    • BNC Crimpers
    • Cat5 crimpers
    • Scrwedrivers (all types!)
    • Cable ties
  • Insulating tape
  • Gaffa/duct/duck. Don't argue about the name.
  • BNC barrels & adaptors (just in case)