OB:FreshersTV 2012

Utter debacle produced in collaboration with the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, using their studios and almost entirely their equipment (even for streaming). Unfortunately the TFTV techies don't have enough time to deal with us properly in addition to their extremely busy work, so the equipment failed at the last minute, resulting in a horrifically delayed broadcast that had to be cancelled part way through as it was too painful to carry on.

The one good thing that came out of it was the ftvstreamtool - an easy method of testing out receipt of an RTMP stream with a fullscreen JW Player. It's perfect for quickly mixing in a live stream - enter the URL, fullscreen your browser (with the right resolution attributes in the URL) and just mix the screen output into your programme.

The end result, after much offline editing and a later rebroadcast, can be found at freshers.tv.