OB:Elections 2011 amazing new revised version


VTs must be edited on time this year. We will make special case arrangements, but these MUST be approved in advance by either Mike Cullen, Sam Nicholson, or Mike Chislett. The deadline is Monday week 8 at 11:59:59pm. After this point in time, the VT drives will not be there for you to upload your work, and there will not be a machine for you to use either!!

When you edit your VTs, edit them locally, using the temp drives D:\ (not vidserv temp :\N, steve!).


When you export, use the YSTV widescreen SD preset, and export it to this location on userdata:

Shows/Elections 2011/finishedVTs/<nameofvt>

nameofvt will be your filename, like this example:


Then, copy it across to the V drive, so we can actually use it. Whatever happens, don't go making your own folders in the V drive, or the finishedvts folder. these are only for the final, clean copies. Please don't go making folders like "2011elections1bobsfolderdonttouch" or "finishedTVsfinal". If you do, then 3 things WILL happen:

  • 1. Said folder will be deleted without question or warning. There will be no way of recovering said work.
  • 2. you will loose your work. .
  • 4. We will laugh at you, and torture you in a Brian Blessed accent.

Sorry for that moan! but you'll see why on election night that we have these rules! It can get pretty fast and confusing on the night, and badly named and placed vt's make the situation really really hard for the directors, VTops, and technical team. In a worst case scenario, it means presenters have to fill for the time of the VT! Remember: the new VT playing system requires that you abide by these rules - computer will not give you leeway!


Roberto Powell kindly demonstrates the cuttlefish effect

No, really, we mean it! Big areas of colour look the best on television, patterns and motifs are also fine (but they look a bit messy). Whatever happens, no high contrast stripes onset at all please - lest you risk looking like a cuttlefish, as demonstrated by Michael Miller & Roberto Powell last year.


  • Mike Chislett will oversee the whole operation. Because of the incredibly short time we have to do it all in, he needs you to do everything he asks, as quick and as safely as possible. If you have any questions, then don't wander round wondering what to do. Ask him as soon as you can! I promise not to bite! But I may be a little stressed/edgy, as (probably) will the others on this list.
  • Mike Cullen will oversee the Computing side of the broadcast: this includes running the network safely, streaming, graphics, online recording, VT control and playout servers not waitress service.
  • Sam Nicholson will be the deputy computing and things person. He will be running safely around the studio and control rooms, getting other things to work: this includes the interactive table.
  • Tim & Alëna will work on the vision path, fryingpan-room cabling, getting cameras plumbed in with safe cable routing, this includes the construction of cable runs that end in the appropriate place.
  • Everyone else will be given jobs as we go, unless stolen by Alex Balmer. Fun jobs include:
    • Set building
    • Sofa testing
    • Sit ins / stand ins : you sit down and warble like a presenter continuously.
    • Lighting
    • Media herding : possibly the most fun and dangerous job, consists of removing Nouse, Vision, URY, YUSU etc from our land. Anyone not authorised by Mike Chislett or Alex Balmer, or in a few cases Steve, is fair game for throwing out, and shall be thrown out, with no exceptions. This is a post that must be guarded with your life.

Kit list (no notes!)

Everything that goes, in roughly that order...

  • Acquire three porters trolleys
  • Advance group, clear LN02 & LN03: big room, chairs to under the windows.
  • Set boards
  • Sofa
  • other chairs
  • interactive table base
  • plasma TV
  • T bars.
  • LX gear
  • Manfrottotototo tripod
  • Silver Manfrottotototo tripod
  • Autocue head with tripod
  • 3x HD cameras
  • ELC bag
  • Dual XLR, long. female end towards ents.
  • Miranda (sky cam)
  • Miranda PSU
  • Miranda tripod
  • Block of litedeck with legs from ents.
  • Dual BNC to projector rigs.
  • Silver Manfrotto tripod
  • Rifle
  • CanonDV
  • YUSU backdrop
Control Room
  • 4ways box
  • Ironic box
  • Behringer OB desk
  • AudioRack
    • Compressors
  • Visionrack
    • DaVE
    • FDaVE
    • 0808matrixes
    • PreGFX DA (w1u)
  • OBCompRack
    • NetSwitch
    • VTserv
    • Stream0
    • PostGFX DA (w1u)
  • Edit1
  • Backup of all VTs on flash drive
  • VTPC
  • Kramer
  • P169 Laptop
  • Touchscreen
  • GFXmachine
  • Coriogen
  • 8 Prev monitors
  • 4 PC monitors
  • 1 widescreen PC monitor
  • BNC boxes
  • XLR box
  • OK audio box
  • Stupid Video box