OB:Elections 2010


Presidential Debate

Election Night

Here is the overall view of the event.

Ln/028 will be home to the main event. We will have a static camera looking at the stage from the back of the hall.

We will have our main output on one Projector, the other will be used to display the results Powerpoint and dipped to black when not in use.

LN/003 will be our Control Room. There is a door linking to LN028 which we will use for cable runs. Be careful though, this is alarmed to ask the Porters Nicely to turn it off first.

LN/002 will be the studio. The set is in the far corner to reduce noise from LN028, and from people (Directors...) shouting in LN003. The walls are quite thin, as we discovered in 2009.

EN2010 Overview.png

Here is a rough diagram of the Control Room layout for the night.

It's a standard setup with lots of cables flying all over the place. Video, Audio and Comms all come together here in a giant mess behind the desks -- Make sure stuff is labelled!

EN2010 CtrlRm.png

This is the rough plan of the set. It's not to scale (which is why more set boards are drawn than we actually have), but you get the idea.

3 Cameras on two presents (on the chairs) and the guest sofa. There is a laptop on the coffee table as well. The video feed of which will be relayed to the control room for broadcast. EN2010 SetPlan.png

Equipment List (ordered)

This is a rough list and should include most of what we need. If you see something you think we'll need and it's not on this list, then put it in and write it on the bottom.

Please try and get stuff over in roughly this order, as it'll be the order we need it in.

  • Set Boards
  • Boxes of IEC leads
  • Computing Leads box
  • Fixit equipment
    • Soldering Iron
    • BNC Crimp kit
    • Cable Tester
    • Assorted Tools (preferably not in the 'idiot' sense)
  • Cables
    • All Long BNCs on drums
    • All Long XLRs on drums
    • Network Cables
    • Boxes of BNCs/XLRs (including Flight Cases)
    • All 4-ways (as many as can be spared from control room too)
    • All Extension Leads
  • Various Adapters and bits'n'bobs
  • Tom Trolly
  • Max
  • DaVE
  • DaVE P169
  • PiP
  • 10 Preview Monitors
  • VT A (or B) + SCART adapter + enough S-Tapes to record the night on. 3 tapes should be enough. Check old Tapelog (at http://old.ystv.co.uk) first.
  • Both sets of Active Speakers
  • 1 Big Preview Telly (Finlux, or similar)
  • big heavy box of usful OB stuff -- OB umbilicals etc
  • Odd Audio Box
  • Odd Bideo Box
  • Studio umbilicals
  • OB Sound Desk
  • 1 compressor unit from AV rack. Should be unscrewed already (make sure it's the one with expander/gate on)
  • Safety equipment box
  • Acer Composite -> VGA converter box.
  • Ring Comms Box + Ear Peices from studio comms.
  • Mics box
  • rifle Mic
  • 3x HD camers
  • 2x Cannon Cameras - 1 STILL TO GO. perring has the other.
  • Sky Camera
  • Tripods for all cameras, plus 1 for rifle mic (so 6 (that WORK!) in total.)
  • Cable Tester
  • DI boxes (active and passive)
  • VT PC
  • VT Laptop
  • Office PC
  • P169 Control Laptop (under acue)
    • P169 Serial Lead from in drawer in techie room.
  • Old VT Laptop (faffo)
  • Plus Monitors/leopards/Mice for all of the above
  • Touchscreen Monitor plus associated cables (VGA, Power, USB)


So, what did we learn this year?

  • Use gel frames, or things get smelly and melted.
  • XLR connectors do not function as microphones.
  • In L002, Use the far corner of the room as the studio - the closer to LN028 things get, the noisier.
  • Notepad holders function as counterbalances, when used with lots of Gaffa tape.