How To: Book A Room

So, you want to use a room somewhere on campus for some reason? Good news - you can book most university rooms for use as YSTV!

You are a Member

  • Ask the secretary or someone else in the admin team - drop them a message on slack or an email! Include:
    • The date(s) and time(s) you need the room
    • Any building or room preference - get the room code (E.G. G/N/045) that is visible on the door of all uni rooms if you have one in mind
    • How many people you are expecting to be there
  • Someone will either book the room for you or show you how!

You are Admin Team (or know the socs account details)

  • Login to the Uni facilities helpdesk with the socs account
    • Don't know the socs account details? Ask someone else on committee, else computing team probably have it written down somewhere... they know everything
  • Click "Book a room", then "Request room booking / view my bookings"
  • Die of old age while the joy that is planon loads
    • Seriously, I can't finish this wiki article cos it's down for maintenance