HowTo Transfer Files

Inside YSTV

If you have less than a few gigabytes to move, find a flash drive or external hard drive and copy it off an edit PC, it'll be quickest.

Otherwise, connect to the YSTV WiFi network, or plug in to a spare network port

On Windows

Go to \\\ and enter your server username (in the form YSTV\firstname.lastname) and password when prompted. Then copy files to your heart's content!

On MacOS

  • In the Finder menu, click "Go" > "Connect to Server", or just press ⌘+K
  • Enter smb:// in the "Server address" field
  • Enter you username in the form YSTV\first.last and your YSTV password
  • Pick a folder, and copy away!

Outside YSTV

If you only want to download files, read HowTo Add a file to user space on YSTV website

If you're off campus, you'll need to tunnel in to the VPN first for any of this to work: go to

  1. Using your favourite SFTP client (WinSCP is recommended for Windows, or Cyberduck for Mac, Linux users you can probably figure it out), connect to with your server username (the firstname.lastname one) and password.
  2. Browse to <code/tank and from there you will see the usual selection of folders.

If these all fail/you can't see the file

Tweet/email/call/smoke signal a techie or computing type and they'll help you.