Google Drive

We maintain Google Drive as it is popular and accessible for people to do work remotely compared to open-source solutions currently. But if something better does come up, please feel free to implement a self-hosted alternative if you have the time!

Access groups

Used to control access to the drives. Not to be used as a mailing list. is the primary group which any member can request access through this form. is the group of the committee members, including both constitutional and policy roles.


We maintain 3 Google Drives.


This is the general store. Primarly used for document and active production storage. have content mananger access so they can to all file operations except for permanent deletion., and have manager access which includes permanent deletion.

YSTV Drives

Stores a read-only replica of the local drives. It's read-only since it's easier to not deal with sync issues.

It is read-only for all users except for and (likely can be demoted)

YSTV Admin

Contains sensitive documents i.e. personal information.

Currently members are added as needed. Likely to be swapped to