• FUCT - 'Faulty or Useless Computing or Tech' or 'Failed Under Continuous Testing'. Take your pick
  • High Impedance Air Gap - This is what occupies the space between the end of a cable and its associated socket. They are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot, as they only become apparent after all other potential solutions have been explored. Often caused by an "If in doubt, take it out!" mentality.
  • Dark Techie Magic - A universal term for techie methods that technically shouldn't exist. Dark techie magic can be clever, a dumb hack, secretive, or deliberately undocumented for various reasons of certain natures.
  • The greater good - The greater good
  • BODGE - Buggering-around with Operationally Dodgy General Engineering
  • The system - (shudders)
  • Well you say that... but - A sign of fuckery about to be proposed. Run.
  • Pub? - yes