Also known as a teleprompter, a device that allows presenters to stare right into the soul of the viewer whilst delivering their lines. YSTV has made a number of attempts to use this technology over the years.


Mark 1

Devised some time in the nineties, the original NaffoCue system comprised of a customised BBC Micro (with its ROM rewritten) outputting to a 22" CRT TV with its horizontal scan coils reversed. This system suffered from being large and unwieldy, and could not be used with multiple camera setups, due to both the fact that only one existed and a lack of space (it is unclear whether or not the system was built before the move to G/046). Additionally the controller had a rather noisy switch to advance the display, making it difficult to operate in close proximity to microphones.

Mark 2

Around the year 2000, the upgrade to an all colour monitor rack freed up several black and white monitors, which were combined with some Acorn microcomputers and a spare PC to make three much smaller NaffoCues and allow the use of an autocue in multiple camera setups.


In 2009, the NaffoCue software was replaced with FaffoCue, to run off a laptop. The new software worked, but never truly left Beta testing.


The current AutoCue system. In summer 2012, some spare Production budget led to the design and partial construction of a new teleprompter head, the AutoDerp. The principle behind it was that unlike NaffoCue, which relied on resting the assembly on-top of a static stool, the whole teleprompter would move with the camera head. Other specifications included:

  • Robust enough to withstand potentially decades of abuse
  • 16:9 friendly
  • Provide a mounting point for the camera (rather than using two tripods)
  • To use one of the numerous spare NEC 17" monitors donated by Computer science, and support this weight away from the tripod's mounting point
  • To feature an adjustable mount

The AutoDerp was designed to use one of the "camlink TP1" tripods acquired earlier in 2012. When in use, tripod's top-plate is to be removed and attached to the AutoDerp's camera mount point. The AutoDerp is then bolted to the plate-less tripod.

Construction of AutoDerp stalled during 2013, with the mostly built frame sat on a table in the tech room. It was eventually completed in May 2014. Due to an abundance of tripods, and the fact that one of YSTV's HD cameras is only capable of use in live shows, it is now permanently assembled atop a Camlink tripod with camera.