Asset Tags

As of May 2016 equipment is actually starting to be asset tagged. The reasoning for this is twofold:

  • To have a nice durable sticker with YSTV on it for equipment identification (always a fun one at Roses when ours and LA1TV's kit has had a weekend to mix).
  • To have a unique number and barcode on each bit of said equipment, for quick cataloguing/checking out of equipment (one day).
An image of the first version of asset stickers


The stickers themselves are Avery L4778-20 Heavy Duty. They are weatherproof and laser printable, and some success has been had printing on university printers via manual paper feed, although alignment is slightly off.

The file to print is generated by a small custom program called stickergen. See the link for more details.


There is a field in the equipment database for asset number, and a corresponding input on the equipment edit form. This field has a unique constraint on it, for obvious reasons.

Adding tags

  • Find a sensible position for the sticker on the bit of kit. Should be flat and smooth, and ideally in a place where it is subject to less wear and tear. The barcode should be easily scannable.
  • Stick!
  • Add the number (shown below the barcode) to the equipment's entry in the equipment database. Add a new record if it doesn't exist.