Email aliases with exim

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YSTV makes extensive use of aliases in its email system (run on exim). At any one time there is only one email mailbox per server account'd user in YSTV (e.g., with the exception of a couple of special ones for Computing use. If a person assumes a committee position (e.g. Time Lord), an alias will be created in order that all mail sent to is delivered to

For the main committee positions, these aliases are permanently in place - at changeover of the position, the real user it points to is changed by the Computing Officer in the aliases file at /etc/aliases on \\ystvweb.

The structure of the file is:

# *******section title********
alias:   address

Adding aliases

  1. SSH into ystvweb.
  2. Open the aliases file for editing: sudo nano /etc/aliases
  3. To add an alias, find the appropriate section and put it on a new line: time.lord: john.smith
    • Mail can be split and sent to several addresses separated by commas: time.lord: john.smith,the.oncoming.storm,caretaker
    • Mail can be aliased to non-YSTV email addresses, just write out the full address.
    • Mail can be aliased to another alias.
    • To throw mail sent to an alias into oblivion, point it to :blackhole: as: the.master:  :blackhole:
  4. Save your changes (Ctrl+O in nano).
  5. Run: sudo newaliases


There are some miscellaneous sections kept for amusement, historical purposes or people we don't want to listen to.

  • charlie aliases to rick - this is a reference to the son of Rick Selby and Sarah Leese, who legend has it was conceived in the station and is hence an honorary member.
  • jesus used to redirect to Technical Jesus Mike Chislett. He has since had a haircut.