Domain account

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A domain account (sometimes called a server account) is a type of user access to YSTV computer systems. It is required in order to do certain things on the system. In brief: if you have a email address, you have a domain account.

Technical details

For instructions on creating accounts, see Computing:User account creation

A domain account lives in Active Directory, and has a home directory (in /home/ on ystvweb) and an email mailbox with a email address attached, and can be used to log on to the Windows PCs and SSH into the Linux servers. The term is used to differentiate these domain accounts from website accounts, which have the same username as the user's IT Services network account (e.g. abc500) and only exist in the website database. When logging into the website, a user's server account aliases to their website account - so either may be used.

Domain accounts are generally given to prolific/frequent/active/computing members of YSTV at the discretion of the Computing Team, usually so that they can have an email address and home directory; but they also confer other benefits such as web space.