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bomb.png WEEE!
This piece of equipment has been disposed of.

Current Status: Broken. requires 5.25 drive fixing .

Otherwise known as Maurice.

A 4u sized control panel consisting of a touchscreen CRT, joystick, 5.25" floppy drive, and a few other buttons & dials.

This unit is a controller for the P164, and can be used instead of the P164 panel. It controls the P164 via a serial link. Of which you must choose the correct one! Uncommon pinouts on these units mean that you'll short out the P164 or P152 power supplies.

The software is all loaded at boot from the 5.25 drive, which should still contain an appropriately named control disk. A series of menus appear on the screen, offering a much more sensible control method. A copy of the display screen is also output on the video card at the rear of the frame.

The P152 also offers GPI for triggering, although nothing we use involves GPI as of aut-2010.