Tom trolley

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The '''Tom trolley''', also known as the '''Outside broadcast trolley''' or '''OB-1''', is YSTV's single-unit system for capture and live streaming of shows outside the studio. It is a pre-built system designed to be wheeled to a location and set up within an hour for broadcast to our network.
This article is mostly about how you ''use'' the trolley, rather than what goes on inside of it. If you're interested in the tech side instead, have a look at the [[Technical:Tom trolley|Tom trolley]] article in the Technical namespace.
Unfortunately, due to the Panasonic Max being a little less reliable than is ideal, the OB Trolley is now just a trolley in a sad corner of the control room. This article will stay here for the time being, and when the techies have rebuilt it with some of our other equipment, it will be back in business again.
Central Hall has its own sound system installed, however all its equipment is located on the balcony. Liaison with AV will be required beforehand to get sound inputs diverted to somewhere more useful for us, this may also require liaison with the society putting on the event.
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