How To Use The Edit Machines

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Lowercase extensions.
:# Choose the shared drives you would like to mount. This must be done '''every''' time you log on.
* Copy your raw footage from PendingEdits onto the TempVideo area.
* You must then transcode the footage before using it with Final Cut Pro. This will only work for HD files, for SD, contact one of the Computing Team to sort it out (hint for Computing Team, try the ''Transcode'' script):
:# Drop the footage into the folder called ''Transcode Tool'' found in the TempVideo area
:# Make sure all the file extensions are lowercase, ie ''MyVideo.m2t'' rather than ''MyVideo.M2T''.
:# '''Double click''' the file called ''Run Transcode''
:# This will take about half the play time of the video to complete. When it has finished you are ready to start your edit.
* At the end of your edit, copy the <code>yourprojectname.fcp</code> file to PendingEdits.
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