Sony DSR-PD150

cancel.png Joe Wharfe says: "These aren't in the bins yet (as of mid-2021) but considering they're a bit naff and we've got some Blackmagic Design Studio Camera 4K Pros on the way, they're possibly going soon"
If you have reason to believe this isn't something that ended up in the Bin Pile, feel free to remove this tag.
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Sony DSR-PD150.

Colin, Callum, Jenny and Keith are ex-BBC cameras donated to YSTV in March 2014. Optimus is an ex-FilmSoc camera given to YSTV in November 2014. By some sheer coincidence, it's the same model camera. They were the designated OB cameras.

Known issues

  • Some of the menu wheels are a bit sticky/dodgy.

Non-liability Agreement

When receiving the ex-BBC cameras, a Non-liability agreement was signed. The full document is File:Ystvnla.pdf. Optimus, bought and originally owned by FilmSoc, is under no such agreement.