Members interested in specific roles

This page lists YSTV members who have approached a member of the YSTV committee asking whether there are opportunities open for specific roles within YSTV productions - roles that are often harder for producers to fill and for which opportunities are sporadic.

Producers, these lists are here to make it easier for you to find someone to fill a specific role on your show and to not have to rely on doing it yourself or using the same people repeatedly when there are new members struggling to find these opportunities - contacting an editor or presenter personally can be much more effective at getting them involved than a blanket email to mailing lists that people don't know about.

Do not add full email addresses in cleartext, they get picked up by spambots.

This information is all accurate for the 2012/13 academic year.


  • Laura Venning - lv537
  • Giulia Ballone - gb728
  • Emily Vizard - ev540
  • Rob Ashton - rwpa500
  • Tanya Cook - tc650


  • Linden Feng - lf664
  • Lauren Burnett - lb729
  • James Randall - jewr500
  • Fenella Woodhouse - fw605
  • Ellie Wright - ew616