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For more detail on how the mail filtering works, see [[Dovecot]]
For more detail on how the mail filtering works, see [[Dovecot]]

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The webmail system is located at https://ystv.co.uk/webmail and provides access to your YSTV email (with an @ystv.co.uk address), using the Roundcube webmail software. As an alternative to using webmail you can connect your regular email client (or phone etc) using IMAP, by following the instructions in Access Email Without Webmail, or forward it to another account by following the directions of How To Forward Your YSTV Email. Webmail can also be used to configure your email filtering rules.

Improving Spam Filtering

When you get spam in your inbox, there is a Junk button on the toolbar, this will help the spam filter learn which messages are or aren't spam. Similarly in the Junk folder there is a Not Spam button.

Identities in Roundcube

If there is another email address you wish to send email as, other than your regular firstname.lastname@ystv.co.uk one, you can set this up as an identity in Roundcube.

  1. Log in to Roundcube and click Settings in the top-right.
  2. Select Identities under settings in the far left pane.
  3. Click the + button at the bottom of the Identities panel
  4. Fill in the boxes provided, Email is the address which will appear to recipients, Display Name is how it will appear in the From box (for example Email could be time.lord@ystv.co.uk and Display Name could be Matt Smith)
  5. You can also fill in a signature for that identity in the large box at the bottom.
  6. Do not set Reply-To, as your emails will look odd in some clients.
  7. Click Save to finish creating the identity.

To use your new identity, when writing an email the From: box will have a drop-down to select who to send email as.

Mail Filtering

You can filter email based on sender, dates, subject line or certain special headers, to go in to different folders or take various actions.

In order to file email into folders, they must first be created, go to Settings, then Folders and click the + at the bottom to create a new email folder.

Select Filters under settings. You may be given a warning about default filters being used, just click the Use Default Filters button. To add a new filter:

  1. Click the + at the bottom of the Filters pane
  2. Give your filter a name
  3. Set up rules by selecting from the drop-down boxes. To affect your spam filtering rule, select Other header in place of Subject and click the ? that appears. Choose X-Spam-Flag from the following list, and fill YES into the blank box at the end.
  4. Choose an action to take for your filter. You may add multiple actions with the + symbol at the end of the line.
  5. Click Save to finish creating your filter.

For more detail on how the mail filtering works, see Dovecot