Media Wiki

Mediawiki is what runs most of the entirety of YSTV's documentation. Currently we run 2 instances: Docswiki (1.31) and Historywiki (1.35). While Historywiki has been more of a struggle logistically (organising mass amount of data), Docswiki has turned out to be horribly annoying technically.

We store both of these within /data/webs/ - with the "__THIS IS THE PRODUCTION VERSION" being a file I added for clarification.


List of fixes and changes applied

  • Reinstalling all extensions - Simply go into the extensions folder and paste a new folder inside. This needs to have the same name and info as explained in the installation page
  • Running the maintenance scripts - In 'maintenance' there are a few php files (just run with "php [FILENAME]") that do various bits of help for you. Run these when things stop updating properly.
  • Turning off Category Tree cache - Setting "$wgCategoryTreeDisableCache = true" for reason below
  • Tearing into the CategoryTrees folder - In 'includes/CategoryTree.php' there are a few edits labelled "EDITED". Basically you couldn't both collapse a list AND render it (meaning some items would just not ever appear) so I forced it to do both by setting the "style" to "display:block" and "data-ct-state" to "collapsed" for EVERY tree item. This seemed to give the preferred output but obviously destroys some functionality. Look up the word "toggle" to conveniently find where this is.


List of fixes and changes applied

  • Nothing so far