Media Wiki

Mediawiki is what runs most of the entirety of YSTV's documentation. Currently we run 2 instances: Docswiki (1.31) and Historywiki (1.35). While Historywiki has been more of a struggle logistically (organising mass amount of data), Docswiki has turned out to be horribly annoying technically.

We store both of these within /data/webs/ - with the "__THIS IS THE PRODUCTION VERSION" being a file I added for clarification.


List of fixes and changes applied

  • Reinstalling all extensions - Simply go into the extensions folder and paste a new folder inside. This needs to have the same name and info as explained in the installation page
  • Running the maintenance scripts - In 'maintenance' there are a few php files (just run with "php [FILENAME]") that do various bits of help for you. Run these when things stop updating properly.
  • Turning off Category Tree cache - Setting "$wgCategoryTreeDisableCache = true" for reason below
  • Tearing into the CategoryTrees folder - In 'includes/CategoryTree.php' there are a few edits labelled "EDITED". Basically you couldn't both collapse a list AND render it (meaning some items would just not ever appear) so I forced it to do both by setting the "style" to "display:block" and "data-ct-state" to "collapsed" for EVERY tree item. This seemed to give the preferred output but obviously destroys some functionality. Look up the word "toggle" to conveniently find where this is.

‎== Historywiki ==

List of fixes and changes applied