How To Use The Edit Machines

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This applies to all YSTV edit machines:

  • TempVideo drives are NOT backed up. If you fail to copy your work to PendingEdits you may lose it!
  • If you are not going to edit your show for 7 days or more it should be moved from TempVideo.
  • If your show is finished and on the YSTV website, the edit should be copied to FinishedShows and deleted from both TempVideo and PendingEdits.

Windows Edit Machines

The drives mentioned are located in Computer.

  • Log on using the YSTV account, for which the password is ystvuser.
  • If you are starting a new edit, this and any raw footage should be done on TempVideo (D: drive).
  • If you are continuing a previous edit, anything that is not up to date on TempVideo should be copied across from PendingEdits (P: drive).
  • Note a second TempVideo drive mapped to L:, this is the TempVideo drive on the other edit machine. Do NOT try to edit from this drive!
  • Once you have finished your edit, copy the yourprojectname.prproj file to PendingEdits.
  • If you have started a new edit, copy all raw footage, project files, and other resources to PendingEdits.
  • If you have continued a previous edit, all changes in Premiere are contained in the .prproj file - you should only need to copy this back, not all of your footage as well.

The iMac

The drives mentioned here are located through the Finder application, and then the device YSTV's iMac at the bottom left. TempVideo is in Macintosh HD.

  • Log on using the YSTV User account, for which there is no password.
  • There is currently no capture facility on this machine. This must be done on the Windows machines.
  • You must first map the shared drives onto the iMac:
  1. Open Finder
  2. Press Cmd+K and choose the server called smb://
  3. Choose the shared drives you would like to mount. This must be done every time you log on.
  • Copy your raw footage from PendingEdits onto the TempVideo area.
  • You must then transcode the footage before using it with Final Cut Pro:
  1. Drop the footage into the folder called Transcode Tool found in the TempVideo area
  2. Double click the file called Run Transcode
  3. This will take about half the play time of the video to complete. When it has finished you are ready to start your edit.
  • At the end of your edit, copy the yourprojectname.fcp file to PendingEdits.