HP Color LaserJet 2550L

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YSTV Colour Laser
Model HP Color LaserJet 2550L[1] Q3702A
Connections USB, Parallel
Max Resolution FastRes 1200 (mono)
2400 DPI (colour)
Serial Number CNHGJ05816
Firmware Datecode 20040930
Manufactured 20 October 2004

The YSTV printer acquired in April 2013 from the Open Door Team by Greg Ebdon. When it arrived it had had a minor cyan toner explosion inside, but after application of a lot of compressed air it was found to be in good working order. It also came with a full set of toners plus an extra yellow, which should keep us going for a while.

It accepts A4 paper via the front loader - it has no built-in paper tray. The toner is mounted on a rotary assembly in the body of the printer - press the toner rotate button near the toner lights to move between each colour's access position, then open the lid and replace the toner according to the instructions inside. Print a demo page by pressing Go (green button), a status page by pressing Go and Cancel (red button) or calibrate the printer by pressing Go and the toner rotate button.


Each toner cartridge lasts approximately 4000 pages (depending on colour use). The toner's pretty expensive, so chances are we'll just ditch it when everything runs out unless we can find them very cheap somewhere.

Item Code Installed Status
Black Q3960A 2011-02-07 13% / 552 pgs
Cyan Q3961A 2013-04-24 100% / 3994 pgs
Magenta Q3963A 2011-04-14 38% / 834 pgs
Yellow Q3962A 2011-02-28 25% / 509 pgs
Imaging Drum Q3964A 2012-04-26 88% / 6735 pgs

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