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FUCT is anything that doesn't work. It has two possible meanings: either Faulty or Useless Computing or Tech; or Failed Under Continuous Testing, whichever is more appropriate


The FUCT email system still technically exists in the way below however mostly this system doesn't work and so is here mainly for archive purposes.


As of 2014, fuct at ystv.co.uk is a valid email address to be used to report any FUCT items. A script in the fuct home directory on Web Server rewrites the headers and forwards any mail sent to this address to Asana.


The FUCT account on Asana is the user that creates all the tasks from the emails sent to fuct. Any tasks created are put into the FUCT project to allow the other members of the workspace to see.

2019 update

As part of Adams computing re-do 2019 / 2020, the FUCT system is due to be revived and rebuilt for new use. Updates to follow.