Email forwarding

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The Windows Way

1. Log in to a YSTV Windows machine as yourself.

2. Open up notepad.

3. Enter your YSTV username, followed by additional email addresses to forward your mail to, with each on a new line, for example:


4. Do File->Save As...

5. Enter "H:\.forward" (including the quotes)

6. Save the file

7. Rejoice.

The Linux Way

1. Open up an SSH session to the webserver (through Putty on Windows or a terminal on Linux/Mac), using something like ssh or entering in the Putty Host Name field.

2. Enter your password when prompted.

3. Type "nano .forward" (without the quotes) and hit enter.

4. Follow the instruction in step 3 above

5. Press Ctrl-X and then hit Y to save and exit.

6. Type exit to close the session.

7. Rejoice.