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DaVE P169

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This piece of equipment has been disposed of.

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P169s are 8x4 video matrix switchers. IE they can simultaneously send any of eight sources to any of four outputs. Crucially (because each of the eight inputs is buffered) the same input can be sent to two, three or four destinations - this couldn't be achieved by simply having a mechanical switch.


Remote control (RS232)

The P169 can be controlled via RS232 and so which input feeds each of the four outputs can be dictated remotely.



  • P169 Laptop & Touch screen
    • A current limitation on the interface is that the 'buttons' which appear on the touchscreen have fixed names.
    • Ideally we would like to be able to change these names so that the director can easily see which each of the eight inputs is, without resorting to labelling the side of the monitor with LX tape.
  • controls the machine over three wire serial (tx,rx,gnd), copies of this can be found on P169 laptop, director control PC, and the trac system.

Individual units

YSTV used to have three identical P169s;

  • VT P169
    • mixed its eight inputs and sporadically sent this 'crazy scrolling combination' to some of its outputs. This was of course completely unuseable.
    • Binned
    • Replaced with VT 'P169' (like a P169, but no serial, and needs B&B, is called TTR900)
  • Preview P169
    • Binned
    • functions now combined with VT P169 (capt,studioprev,vidsrvin... etc through DA's)
  • DaVE P169
    • Last one which offers acceptable (not perfect!) performance.
    • imminent WEEEskippage - like 5 weeks ish

Death and ressurection of P169's

Being 1980's technology, the P169's are quite old! As such, they occasionally need some TLC:

  • Some improvement was found by replacing the two large capacitors which are related to the power supply.
  • P169's may be sensitive to heat - Previous shuffling in the rack to allow for more air circulation seems to have stopped anything else happening to them.