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camd is a program written by Alex Williams to replace the old, proprietary software (ZoneMinder) that provided us with CCTV functionality, but was very unstable with our capture card.

Currently running on ystvstrm1, it has an init script (/etc/init.d/webcam) which brings it up on startup. It takes feeds from cameras in the studio (Canon DM-MV600i E) and control room (beige Sony CCD camera) into a black-and-white capture card, and renders it to JPGs (deinterlacing, translating the colour space, getting locks on the device in the right order) which are displayed on the website when logged in under the Webcams section. Watchers are logged under /tmp/camd.log.

Every 24 hours a cron job runs to concatenate the logged JPGs into an MJPEG video, which is then stored under /mnt/inform/var/camd/, and delete the static images. These security camera videos are kept for a couple of weeks.

Rules in /data/webs/ystv/static/cctv/.htaccess are to align it with the old system for which the website was designed.

The code is stored in SVN as the WebcamDaemon repo.